Thursday, January 21, 2010

Raina finds the perfect home, Grace has generated many inquiries, Jake makes his debut!


Raina found the perfect home with Bea. Bea runs the spay/neuter now program and has done tremendous grass roots work toward preventing thousands of homeless pets! Raina (now called Rainey) lives with two other dogs, a couple cats and Bea! She has been spayed, her foot re x-rayed, is on antibiotics for the Lyme disease and any possible infection that might be left in the foot! She is learning the ins and outs of the dog door. She could not have found a more loving, more secure place to call home!

Grace is interviewing with families this week. Her first appointment is this Saturday! She has been working diligently on her sit and down cues. She has made huge leaps and bounds on her puppy mouthing behaviors. She is learning to pick up her rope on cue and put it in a basket. She loves holding things in her mouth. She has great potential for retrieving items and other chained useful behaviors around the house.  Her next task is to learn four on the floor and to try to contain some of her happy, youthful joy into a more appropriate social greeting. She has the potential to be a great dog!

Jake is the new comer on the block. He came happy and joyfully today from the pound. He is very even tempered, tolerant and accepting of new situations. At the moment he is none to happy about his crate after being free to roam the yard all day. He may or may not be housetrained… time will tell. He is a very happy confident dog outside but assumes the low crawl, slinking position when he is walking in the house. When you speak to him or engage him in an activity inside he becomes the happy confident dog again! Stay tuned for updates on Jake. This guy appears to have a lot of aptitude and intelligence!  


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Monday, January 4, 2010

Maiya, Grace and Emmett learn pull a kick sled and skijor!

Maiya, Grace and Emmett spent the afternoon learning how to pull a kicksled. Maiya and Grace both prefer to pull the kicksled with Emmett. Emmett is quite the working man and really digs into his harness. He is a natural born kick sledder :) Maiya excels in the skijoring department and was extremely happy pulling her heart out and running through the snow! Grace was bouncy and just happy to be out playing in the snow.

We have come to the realization that Maiya is going to have a hard time finding a permanent home in this area. With the breed ban on post and carrying over to some local housing complexes, Maiya’s chance of finding a home in this area is poor. We have reached out to a number of Doberman rescues hoping that one of them will have room for her. Maiya misses having a human of her own and the one on one interaction that goes along with that. Although she receives attention, training and playtime with other dogs here, she is still unsure of herself, her surroundings and she desperately wants a person to call her own.

Grace has been very bouncy and happy. Tiger would have been an appropriate name for her! While she was waiting for the kick sledding to begin, she occupied herself dragging poor Emmett around by his leash. Emmett who has been ever so patient with Grace and Maiya will be happy for some peace and quiet when his Dad returns from Washington State.

Raina Claire (now called Rainey) has found a home with Bea. Bea has been instrumental in reducing the problem of pet overpopulation in this area. She founded Spay/Neuter Now and at 82 years old still drives the Mobile Clinic. Bea and her dog Tory came over this past weekend and spent some time with Rainey. After a few minutes of getting acquainted, Rainey found Bea’s lap to be just the place for her to hang out. If you have never had the chance to meet Bea, check out her Spay/Neuter Now website! She is an inspiration to anyone who is passionate about animals, their well being and the quality of lives they lead. Thank you to Animal Doctors (Dr. Nina Harff) for introducing us and knowing right where Rainey belonged.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trouble is two bored dogs and a bag of stuffed animals

Single digits, wind and ice under the snow kept us off the trails today. That didn’t stop the two feral kids from coming up with their own idea of a fun afternoon!

Raina, forest and Molly 056

Raina visits Animal Doctors

Raina had her first visit to Animal Doctors today. She weighed in at 15 lbs and was very well behaved! She was heartworm/Lyme tested and did test positive for Lyme disease. She will start her antibiotics treatment tomorrow. Tomorrow we will call to set up her spay appointment. Nina said her leg looked good. She said sometimes when dogs have diminished feeling in a body part or lose sensation they will begin to chew on that part. She did not feel it was likely that she will start that this late in the game but it is something to watch for.

The snow was deep this morning and went past Raina’s belly which did not make her very happy. She is quick to run out and do her business and come straight back in. The donated coat from Barker’s Dozen really helps keep her warm. She is doing outstanding with her housetraining and remains accident free. In a few days if she remains consistent we will start giving her more freedom and see if she can maintain her near perfect record.

She handled the collar and leash well at the vet’s office and is doing great in a plastic crate. Those were the three major  fear issues when we pulled her- her fear of collars, leashes and plastic crates. She was very accepting of touch today at the vet’s office and had no qualms about being there. Kudos to Raina Claire for her bravery!

2009-12-29 09.46.37

Monday, December 28, 2009

Updates, holiday happiness and great people

We want to take a moment during this busy holiday season to thank the people who actively support our efforts to help, rehabilitate and change the lives of the dogs who cross our path. This month we were faced with a dog who needed our help but financially was a bigger challenge then we had resources to cover. As in the past, you all pulled together and made it possible for us to say ….. Please welcome Raina Claire! She is a beautiful white poodle mix. She was found by our local Dog Control in Lafargeville New York. Apparently she fell victim to some teenagers who decided that it would be fun to go fishing for a dog. After hooking her with fishhooks and wrapping her in nylon fishing line, they left her hogtied and unable to fend for herself against the freezing temperatures and other hazards. After spending two days in the vet’s office where she was sedated, dehooked and unwound, she started her long road to recovery. The fishing line cut deep into her and left one of her legs badly injured. Although she occasionally will place weight on the foot, she walks for the most part on three legs. She came to us deathly afraid of a collar and leash. She is making progress and does okay with a collar and leash on as long as there is no pressure on either. She now allows us to reach around and over her head without panicking. We will continue to work with her to ease her fears and help her adjust to being a normal dog again. She has a vet visit at the Animal Doctors on Tuesday December 29th. We are hoping for great news on her leg.

Forest continues to make substantial progress on his journey. He continues to be able to walk off leash and recall nicely. With the introduction of snow and ice, he has had some regression on his fears and his ability to trust (he was on the run this time last year and we suspect the snow and ice have triggered some memories of past issues with snow and ice… ) We have had made some progress with him by taking our off leash walk first and then attaching a leash for our fetch session. This has given him a positive association with the leash and he will know willingly approach to be leashed because he knows the fun starts right after the leash goes on. This makes it easier to bring him back into the yard when playtime is over. No more Forest temper tantrums and watching him throw himself on the ground. Because his behavior has improved it gives him more time to play in the woods and snow…which is the highlight of his day!

Maiya continues to wait for a new home. She has been visiting an apartment in the City and spending time with her German Shepherd friend, Kaiser. This has given her exposure to city life as well as an introduction to dog parks. She does well both in the country and in the city. Her main focus in life is being with people. Her recall continues to be good which enables her to be able to enjoy off leash excursions and runs with the four wheeler. This is a beautiful dog, who really deserves a home of her own.

Grace found a wonderful home last week. She holds the record for the shortest stay of any dog that has ever come through TFDC. However that is not surprising as her only crime was acting like a puppy. Being ten months old, being a puppy was her entitlement. She will continue to work on her manners and we are confident she will grow into a great companion for her new family.



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Crisp air, changing weather and lots of dogs ready to play!

Leroy waits patiently by the back door. Kong between his feet, tongue sticking partway out of his closed mouth, eyes focused and intent, waiting for a person to step towards the door, any hint that it is play time. Once out the door he is transformed from border collie to gazelle. His body gracefully flows through the air. Watching him lifts our spirits and makes us laugh. Happy go lucky, always ready, intense and loving life. He has no idea that he doesn’t have a home or a family, no idea that he is in transition and that he is yet another dog whose future is uncertain. He has no idea that he isn’t perfect, no idea he is unwanted, and no idea that the economy has drastically affected his chances of finding a home.

Ripley and Riley, two brothers, probably daschund pug mixes born into this world and shuffled through three shelters before they were six months old. Two puppies with distinct personalities. Two puppies filled to the top with love to give. Two puppies who should be nestled in people’s arms or snuggled in front of a fireplace in a place called home. Ripley, who just wants a human to love and hold him. Riley, who wants someone to walk, play and have cool adventures with. Two puppies who cheated death once but have yet to find a home that will offer them the stability and love that a family has to offer.

Casey, a Black Mouth Cur mix, the  almost perfect dog. Casey who enjoys short walks, time snuggling on the couch, sleeping under the desk and hanging out with people she loves. Low maintenance, low energy and happy to be warm and safe. She would be in heaven riding around in a car or truck all day, copiloting, and lending an ear. Yet despite all her qualities, despite all her goodness, despite everything she has to offer, she was abandoned and has not been able to find a family that loves her and is willing to care for her. Casey has a heart of gold and would love to find someone that wants to be a part of that.

Maiya, a Doberman mix who is still young and in need of boundaries. She is well behaved, attentive, smart and willing to learn. She loves certain dogs and has no patience for others. She will play with her friends for hours, chasing, running, bowing, ducking, evading and hiding. She makes us laugh with her antics and games. Maiya is calm and is used to being in a calm environment. She does not like to be yelled at, have choke chains on her or to be abused, nor does she deserve that type of home. She is not looking for the perfect home, just a home where there will be boundaries, patience, teaching and love so she can continue to grow and reach her full potential.

Forest, the Outlaw Feral German Shepherd, on the run from the law for over 100 days, nearly dead from starvation and Lyme disease. Unable to walk, climb stairs or balance now able to run and play but left with an intense fear of humans. Forest has a heart filled with love, desires to be around his people but needs patience and love to overcome his past. He is only available to people with extensive backgrounds in positive reinforcement and experience with clicker training. He is time consuming, demanding and worth every minute of every day that is spent with him.


If you know of someone looking for a dog, please try to help these dogs find homes of their own. This is a safe place, a loving place but this is only a transition for them. They need families of their own who can nurture and love them for who they are. Families that want a dog, love dogs and know that dogs will be dogs. Please help these dogs find their families!

Ripley 024

Friday, October 30, 2009

Ripley and Riley ready for their new homes

Ripley and Riley are now actively seeking homes where they will be loved and cherished forever! Riley is adventurous, quick to learn and has been through a shaping class. He is has a number of cues under his belt. He is crate trained, housetrained and is good with dogs and cats. Ripley is a few pounds smaller than Riley and loves to sit in laps and cuddle. He is sweet, loving and quite the charmer. He is just getting started on his cues and knows his sit and down. Both are neutered, microchipped and up to date on rabies, distemper and parvo vaccinations. Riley weighs 19 lbs and Ripley 14lbs. These pups are about six months old and searching for somone who will love and care for them. They can go together or separately.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reese goes home!

Reese found a new home this weekend! She seemed perfectly content to ride home with her new people! We are very excited for her!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Maiya loves her training sessions!

Maiya loves to head down to her training sessions. She is eager to work, learn and play. She worked on a variety of cues today, had some fun playing with the rope toys and then settled down for a nice long nap! Now to find a person that loves to train!


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Casey seeks her forever home


Casey is still looking for the perfect place to call home. She is a low maintenance dog who enjoys quiet time watching tv, short walks, sitting by her people and spending time curled up on a nice pillow. She is great home alone all day and is well behaved. She has been to the workshop at JRC, Wehle park and the Calcium trail. She loves riding in the car. She is looking for a quiet home with a loving individual or couple. She is great with kids but doesn’t want to be climbed on or roughhoused with. She needs a cat free house. 

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